compact saw at work

Choosing the Best Compact Saw

Compact saws are quite easy to use. Other than that providing a lot of cutting power, it is the important features that separate from one from another. Rotarazer is one of the compact saws you can get. You can read rotorazer saw reviews to learn more. When choosing a compact saw, you should consider the following things:

Cut Line Indicator

This is the little pair of notches that are located in front of the baseplate. The function of this feature is to line up the blade with the cut line. In this way, it becomes easy to follow the required line and even make the V-mark.

Blade Visibility

saw bladeThis is another important thing to take into account. Remember that you will not only be using the saw for trimming studs or cutting a sheet of plywood; you may need to do other jobs such as roof work, complicated framing, and accurate setup. The perfect saws are known to have a knob or bevel level that is quite comfortable to operate and also locks securely.

Saw’s Baseplate

The saw’s baseplate ought to be flat across the width and length. Moreover, it should have a lifted edge for easy riding against the guide. The stamped aluminum baseplates can bend easily when dropped. It can also be bent into the right place for a quick fix.

Guard Retraction

This is an important consideration when choosing a compact saw. The guard retraction is the pivot point where the motor and handle assembly do meet the baseplate. This allows you to plunge to a given depth and bevel cuts. The right models have a saw-to-baseplate with rear handle and front handle. Saws that have cantilevered connection with blade guard and front handle that are far from the motor housing are prone to flexing.

Depth Adjustment Lever

compact sawOther than being easier to reach, the outboard levels allow you to keep the trigger hand on its handle. The inboard levels that are tucked between the blade guard and handle are quite difficult to operate. The rounded levels are the best to grasp. Also, the depth scale ought to be clearly marked and quite easy to read. Cast or engraved numbers are more permanent as compared to stickers.

Choosing a simple, compact tool can be quite difficult owing to the various features you need to consider. The truth is that there is no single compact saw that can fit every category. Always consider the above features when choosing a compact saw. It is you to decide which can serve you better.